XIV European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease

Meet the Speakers

To promote interactions between speakers and delegates a new session called “meet the speakers” was created this year.
All speakers and delegates are invited to meet and get in contact in an informal way. The sessions will take place during the lunch breaks from Thursday to Saturday; please find the schedule below.

| Thursday, July 11, 2019
at Working Area in Ribeira Hall
12:00 –13:00 h |

Meeting point A
Plenary Lecture L1
Plenary Lecture L2
Plenary Lecture L3

Meeting point B
S01: Role of astrocytes in sensori-motor integration in rhythm generating neuronal network
S03: Mechanobiology of glial cells
S04: Pericyte function in the normal and pathological brain  

Meeting point C
S05: Linking genetics and epigenetics to microglia biology
S06: Role of GABAergic neurons in controlling oligodendroglia function and shaping their own myelination
S08: From astrocyte functions to behavioural dysfunctions: searching the cellular roots of CNS disorders  

Meeting point D
S02: Using drosophila for investigations of glia based human diseases
S07: Role of microglia in neurodegeneration
S09: Glial Scars: Beneficial and negative impact on CNS repair
S10: Diversity and pathological impact of the glial microenvironment in brain tumors  

| Friday, July 12, 2019
at Working Area in Ribeira Hall
12:00 –13:00 h |

Meeting point A
Plenary Lecture L4
Plenary Lecture L5

Meeting point B
S11: Ionic excitability of astroglia beyond (and towards) calcium in health and disease
S12: Astrocytic phagocytosis and clearance in health and diseases
S14: Peripheral NS glia – interactions within the neroimmunoaxis
S15: Genetic regulation of microglia development, functions and cellular interactions in the zebrafish  

Meeting point C
S13: Signals regulating developmental and adaptive myelination in the CNS
S17: Role of glia in risk for psychiatric disorders
S20: Microglia in structural and functional circuit shaping: from physiology to pathology  

Meeting point D
S16: Reawakening the sleeping beauty: transgressing the lineage barrier from glia to neuron
S18: Molecular, structural, and functional specialization of astrocytic domains
S19: The plasticity of myelinating glia  

| Saturday, July 13, 2019
at Working Area in Ribeira Hall
12:00 –13:00 h |

Meeting point A
Plenary Lecture L6

Meeting point B
S21: Uncovering glia function in epilepsy: from physiology to pathology
S22: Oligodendrocyte diversity and dynamics in development and repair
S25: Contribution of glial extracellular vesicles to neuro-degenerative diseases  

Meeting point C
S23: Circuit remodeling by glial cells in development and disease
S24: Astrocytes and their regulation of adult neurogenesis and pathological states
S27: Exploiting glutamate signaling to promote myelin remodeling and repair
S30: Oligodendrocytes: Maturation, metabolism and functions beyond myelin biogenesis  

Meeting point D
S26: Reactive astrocytes in waste clearance and regeneration – general and disease-specific responses, opportunities for treatment
S28: Metabolic dialogue between astrocytes and neurons is required for long-term memory
S29: Generating and regenerating myelinating Schwann cells 


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| February 4, 2019 |

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| April 26, 2019 |
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| July 10–13, 2019 |
XIV European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease

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